You must have heard of couples who have turned into entrepreneur travellers. These people are bold enough to choose a much-criticised field and break many taboos. They get to travel with their favourite person and also earn a living out of it.

But, funny story! Have you ever come across ‘third wheeling’? No, this is not the awkward one I’m talking about. In this context, you gang up with your brother-in-law and bully your sister. Here, you sit on the beach and make plans of moving to Goa. You walk a mile, crib about the heat, but still not leave each other’s side. You also tease the third wheel sometimes for being the ‘kebab mein haddi’ but get cute pictures clicked from her.

Nevertheless, the priceless laughter shared over food at the end of the day says how you can find friends in family and the best of friends.

Kshitija, Sakshi and Pramod in Nani Daman Fort, Daman © Journo Travellers

I do that all the time. Sakshi and Pramod are voracious explorers and they let me tag along with them for some of their trips. The fact that we have such a good time is that we are likeminded people when it comes to traveling. As a group, you are required to consume the same portion of wanderlust for breakfast to make the most of your days on the vacation.

These two do not like to make vacations luxurious, and that’s the best thing I like about them. Where’s the adventure in being in your comfort zone? Get out of your warm bubble; explore the streets on your feet, go to lesser-known places, let the GPS get you lost, manage your food and other expenses. The key is to not spend lavishly and yet have a good time.

Tringalwadi, a pristine area in Igatpuri, Maharashtra © Journo Travellers
Road Trip: Mumbai to Igatpuri © Journo Travellers

As of me, I would not find it amusing traveling with a person whose focus is more on top-notch accommodation, food, shopping or anything that requires you to stay indoors. I’m more for the adrenaline rush you get in doing things you would not ordinarily think of doing.

Our first vacation together was in Goa. A chilled beer by the beach, a nicely lit evening and soothing music in the background is the perfect way to bond and break the ice. Majority of the people, who visit Goa, spend their time in fancy resorts and crowded beaches. Pramod and Sakshi decided the opposite. We went to Goa during the off-season and encountered a minimum crowd. We could cherish Goa for the serene place it is.

Kshitija and Pramod at Chapora Fort, Goa © Journo Travellers

When the three of us are around each other, the most unplanned trips also turn out to be just perfect. One of those times was our road trips to Igatpuri, Daman and Nandi Hills. The idea pops up, and we just head out and make it happen. Nobody complains about the bumpy roads or being off- track; we build our own path as we move forward. The path being more beautiful than the destination has never been truer!

Now let’s ponder upon a very special subject – travelling with your sister!

These are one of those times when you think on the same page, pick the same kind of food, explore with equal enthusiasm and sometimes have mutual cheat days and remain couch potatoes most of the time. It is like being with your mirror image. My ‘sisters trip’ with Sakshi di was to Pondicherry. The much-needed break turned into the most amazing holiday.

We hired a two-wheeler and went around the town on our own. Since it was just the two of us, she was extra cautious about her planning and safety. I experienced how being a free bird felt like.

The ‘sisters’ at Gandhi Beach, Pondicherry © Journo Travellers
Paradise Beach, Pondicherry © Journo Travellers

The last, but not the full stop, we took a trip to the Maldives. When you pay a visit to the foreign land, such as the Maldives, staying within budget is a tricky business. Your inner voice complies with you to loosen the wallet a little. These two work like magic when it comes to budget travelling. Their priorities are set- a decent hotel, good food and lots of exploring. We stayed on local islands but also made sure to get a touch of the private ones. This gave us an insight into the local culture and lavish tourism.

Not spending a bomb helped us to paint a picture of the Maldives for the actual beauty it is; you don’t need spending to relish the amazing ocean and beaches. Trip after trip, I’ve learnt so much from Sakshi and Pramod. A better version of me comes back home after every vacation with them.

Pramod, Sakshi and Kshitija on a Floating Bar, Maldives © Journo Travellers

Travelling is important, but more important is the group you go with. I have found my travel partners for life, what about you? Look out for your favourite people and never stop making memories!