With thousands of Indians still stranded abroad, the government has decided to bring them all back in phases starting from May 7. However, the government of India will not bear the expenses of its citizens and it is for every individual to pay for his own journey back home. With crores of rupees in the PM Cares’ kitty, one wonders what the money is for if not for helping their people in tough times like these.

The people were asked to register their names in the Indian embassies if they want to fly back to India under this scheme. Also, only those who do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 will be allowed to board.

According to latest report from Financial Express, over 1.9 lakh people have approached the authorities with the request to return to India. The evacuation flights will operate from the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

The first week of the evacuation will bring the maximum number of passengers to Delhi and Kerala as the states are expected to receive as many as 15 and 11 flights respectively. The likes of Maharashtra and Telangana are due to receive seven flights each from six countries during the first week, while 11 flights will land in Tamil Nadu from nine nations.

The ticket prices are expected to range between INR 12,000 to INR 1, 00,000, depending on the destination. The report further stated that the Dhaka-Delhi flight ticket will cost Rs 12,000, while the Chicago-Delhi, San Francisco-Delhi, Newark-Mumbai flights will cost INR 1,00,000.

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During the journey, each passenger will have to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Civil Aviation. 

Also, on reaching their destination, the passengers should also install the ArogyaSetu app on their phones and go into quarantine either in a hospital or an institutional quarantine, for which they have to pay. The test will be conducted 14 days upon their arrival. The centre has urged the state governments to take any further make any arrangements required for their people’s well-being.

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So far, only Air India will be undertaking the evacuation process but it is understood that the private airlines will soon help out as well. Here is Air India’s reported schedule from London: From Heathrow, the Air India flight is scheduled to go till Mumbai (May 7, 9), Bangalore (May 8), Ahmedabad (May 10), Chennai (May 11) and New Delhi (May 12).