In Pattaya’s famous party and beach-life culture, Silverlake Vineyard is a hidden gem. In our jam-packed one-day schedule in Pattaya, we only managed to spend an hour or so at this charming place in the countryside.

If you ask me, you must make a day trip with it. To begin with, do not have any misconceptions about witnessing a ‘world-class’ winery. The combination of Thailand and wine would be the last one would think about. But, if you are looking to check out something different from the usual Pattaya’s activities, you must surely go to Silverlake.

Silverlake Vineyard © Journo Travellers
You get the electric tram near this pretty location © Journo Travellers

Since it shuts by 6 PM, we would recommend you to get there by 3 at least and witness the beautiful view when the sun is about to set from around 5.30.

How to reach Silverlake Vineyard?

The vineyard is located almost 24 KMs away from the city center, which comprises of the Pattaya beach. There is a cheaper way to get to Silverlake by using the baht bus but that is never recommended as there are not many baht buses in that area or going towards it. You may definitely struggle to find a vehicle back to the city center.

You are welcomed into the vineyard with this beautiful view © Journo Travellers

We booked a Grab Cab and struck a deal with the driver. She charged us THB 1,100 to and fro for the trip including a wait for more than an hour.

Do we get accommodation at the vineyard?

Yes, we do! If you want to escape the Pattaya city to someplace serene and gorgeous, then you must definitely choose to stay for a night at Silverlake. The vineyard has a Movie House that has a few cottages for the travellers to stay overnight.

You can see the restaurant from the vineyard © Journo Travellers

Opposite to the vineyard, you’ll find the Silverlake Wine and Grill Restaurant and Pizza Café, the vineyard’s family-style restaurant. It’s a well-known restaurant where the wines are brought together with traditional Italian and Thai dishes. The place offers both indoor and outdoor seating, giving you an overview of the vineyard and adjacent lake. You can either enjoy the live music or the stunning sunset – the choice is yours!

We just did not want to leave this place! © Journo Travellers

Entry timings: Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM and Sat-Sun, 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Entry ticket: THB 180 per adult and THB 140 per child (includes one free bottle of 25% Grape Juice) or THB 250 per adult (includes two glasses of wine tasting and one free bottle of 25% Grape Juice)

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