Maldives Resumes Tourism: Everything you need to know before booking your tickets 

In the times when the lockdown, quarantine rules, and border restrictions have brought travel to a near standstill in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the most beautiful nations in the world has welcomed back tourists – The Maldives.   

The island nation’s economy majorly depends on tourism. After suspending it for nearly four months, The Maldives is back on its feet and ready to offer the much-missed serene experience on its beautiful islands. The top three worst-affected countries by the pandemic are the US, Brazil, and India. The Maldives are reportedly doing no discrimination in this case as travellers from these three nations are also being welcomed with open arms.   

In a bid to revive tourism in the country, The Maldives is offering a 30-day free visa on arrival.   

The beautiful Rannalhi Resort, Maldives © Journo Travellers

Do you have to be in quarantine on reaching the Maldives?   

No, you don’t have to. According to Visit Maldives, you will not be asked to undergo a quarantine on reaching Velana International Airport, Male but you’ll be asked to submit a health declaration card that will be required as part of the on-arrival procedure.  

Read the guidelines provided by the Maldives HERE before travelling to the country.

Current Accommodation in the Maldives  

As of now, travellers can only make their reservation at the resort islands and the entire stay needs to be booked in one registered establishment. These rules are a part of the Maldives’ phase 1 reopening of tourism.   

Budget travelling in the country will resume from August 1 when the guest houses and hotels on the local islands will begin to accept bookings once again.

Maafushi, a local island in The Maldives © Journo Travellers

When can Indians travel to the Maldives?   

One of the best news that the Indian travellers have received is that India is planning to establish an air bubble or travel bridge that could make travelling to the Maldives possible soon! According to Times Travel, an agreement will be reached in the next few days as the Maldives Government has put forward a formal request to New Delhi about the same.   

In simpler words: If the Indian government accepts the request, Indians can then fly to the Maldives even before India resumes regular international flights!   

According to news reports, India are also in talks with France, Germany, and the UK regarding an exclusive air bubble/travel bridge.

What is an air bubble or a travel bridge?   

It is a bilateral arrangement between two countries under which airlines from both nations can operate international flights but while adhering to certain rules and restrictions.  

A ferry point in The Maldives © Journo Travellers

Which airlines are flying to the Maldives at the moment?  

Several airlines are currently flying to the island nation, connecting through the Middle East.  

Emirates Airlines are offering connections through Dubai from cities like London, Chicago, Toronto, and Sydney. The other renowned UAE carrier Etihad has also resumed flights from Abu Dhabi to the Maldives. Meanwhile, Qatar Airways have resumed flight to the Maldives and are providing connections through hubs including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, New York, and Los Angeles.  

The Turkish Airlines were due to accepting bookings for the Maldives but we are not sure if that has begun yet.

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