As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep billions of people trapped at home, there is one sector that has been harshly affected: tourism. The world literally has come to a standstill, probably for the first time ever. With the planes grounded, ships docked and trains not running in a bid to curb the deadly virus, the travel industry has been hit by a storm like never before. Even the cruise industry has suffered the impact of the crisis.

The governments have shut the airports, sealed off the borders and people around the globe are staying at home.

The travel industry recently lost the massive business that Easter brings every single year. A lot of countries have summer breaks between April and June or countries in the Northern Hemisphere especially have their summer vacations normally for three months that go up to July or August. The tourism industry literally thrives on these months. But this year, it won’t be the same. People around the world are very paranoid to get out of their houses freely, let alone travel to another city or country for a leisure trip.

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The Maldives have reported a rise in tourist arrivals from India © Journo Travellers

At least 20 countries’ economies sorely depend on tourism including Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Italy, Mexico, UK, USA, Brazil, France and Russia. Currently, there is no country that has reported as many cases as the US and the next worst-hit nations are Russia, Brazil, UK, and Spain.

A few weeks ago, Italy was just behind the US in the list of most affected destinations but they have recovered pretty well and now they are not even in the top five.

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Speaking just about India, it has been contributing consistently to the tourism industry, in both inbound and outbound travel. According to a study, 5.4 million Indians travel to another country for various reasons every year. The destinations that are most popular among the Indian tourist include Thailand, Singapore, UAE (Dubai), Maldives, US and the UK to name a few.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations among Indians © Journo Travellers

When can Indians resume their travel to other countries?


The Maldives, home to over 200 resorts islands, is set welcome back tourists from July 2020. The govt has assured the visitors won’t be charged any additional fees to enter the country.

According to reports, the Maldives won’t allow guests from 12 countries, which includes Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States to enter as of now.


Tourism in the country is expected to see a drop by almost 75% from last year’s amazing record and India rank number six in overall foreign arrivals to Thailand. The country is set to reopen tourism in phases. The first phase would see just the ones already in the country move between the provinces.

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The next would see the entry of international travellers but only from selected countries that could include the likes of South Korea and China. According to the latest reports, while Bangkok is not expected to reopen tourism any time soon, the isolated and closed islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan could allow tourists entry soon.

Americans and Europeans reportedly may not be welcomed until late-2020.


The country that lies on the borders of Asia and Europe, Georgia is set to join other nations such as Italy, Greece, and Spain in reopening tourism from next month ( June). The country’s National Tourism Administration has announced that it will reopen local tourism first, starting June 15. The foreign tourists are expected to be welcomed into Georgia two weeks later.

The beautiful country has seen a major rise in tourists in the past decade or so as it offers a tempting and highly affordable combination of mountains, cheese, natural traditional wine, and black sand beaches to name a few.

Bali (Indonesia)

The island of Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations among Indians, especially couples for being very picturesque and quite cheap when compared to the likes of the Maldives or the Philippines.

As of now, the Indonesian borders are closed for tourists but if things remain under control in the next few weeks, reports say that Bali could welcome tourists back by October.


The European country’s prime minister has announced that it will reopen international tourism from July. However, it is not applicable to people living in the UK as yet. As of now, UK is placed fourth in the list of countries with most positive cases behind the US, Russia and Brazil.

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While you cannot travel to Singapore right now, they are set to reopen transit travel through change airport from June 2.

Dubai (UAE)

India continue to be Dubai’s top tourist arrivals with over 1.39 million Indians visited the city in 2019. According to the Telegraph, UAE’s aim is to bring back tourists by July.

Sri Lanka

It has been reported that Sri Lanka may reopen for tourists from July.


Bhutan has recorded ZERO Covid-19 deaths so far and is willing to open up its borders for tourists soon, but are yet to announce the timeline for the same. The first case of coronavirus was traced on March 6, when an American tourist contracted it and since then, the tiny Himalayan nation managed other 73 people who came in contact and were put under quarantine.

Such a swift action has not just seen Bhutan record 0 death and is now coronavirus-free, which is not something many nations in the world can boast about, least of all their neighbours India and China.


The country has not specified a date for resuming tourism and once again welcoming international tourists.


No news yet.


The borders are set to reopen for international tourists from July 1.


The beautiful country will allow entry from June 15. The tourists reportedly will be asked to choose between a COVID-19 test and a two-week quarantine period.


After being in a complete lockdown since March, the government has announced the Italians will be able to return to restaurants, bars and salons and travel within their regions, starting Monday. From June 3, the govt has announced they can travel between different regions and the tourists are welcome as well, provided the social distancing norms are adhered to.


The European nation has not mentioned anything about resuming tourism as yet.


While domestic travel is expected to begin in a couple of weeks, international tourism could be launched from mid-June, as per Turkish media outlet, Daily Sabah.


Beaches across Mexico will open to tourists from June, while the reopening of the entire country could happen in multiple phases that could go on through July and August.

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Australia/New Zealand

As of now, the travel can happen only between these two countries, while the international tourists will have to wait before they are again allowed in the Oceania pair.