The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in most of the world, including Europe. While the US is on top of the list of the worst affected countries, next in line are European nations such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

Europe is the only continent that is associated with freedom of movement between countries. Until last month, travelling in Europe was as easy as going from state to state within India with no passport or documents check on borders between 26 countries. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, most of the countries have either banned its neighbours from entering or re-introduced border controls.

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Not just the main cities, but even the most remote border crossings reportedly have been closed in the mountainous villages of Barenstein, Germany and Vejprty, Czech Republic.

Bulgaria has become the latest country to temporarily disallow entry for citizens of 13 countries located in the EU and the Schengen Area.

In order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, the border shutting of Bulgaria will be applied for non-residents arriving from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK, as reported by .

Bulgaria © Wikimedia Commons

The report further has stated that the entry ban for people coming from these 13 countries will be applied for all modes of transport – air, sea, railway and land and all the travellers from these countries will be subjected to the ban.

Lithuania, meanwhile, has announced an extension of border controls with Poland and Latvia until April 27. It had earlier banned foreign nationals to enter in a bid to combat the virus.

Even Slovakia had earlier announced they would here on disallow foreign citizens, except the Polish. Now the country has decided to re-introduce border controls with the following nations: Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary and that is expected to go on till April 17.

According to news reports, a few countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic have deployed the military to implement the border restrictions.