The coronavirus outbreak forced an abrupt lockdown across several countries, starting March. Europe’s Schengen area, which was restriction-free previously, suddenly had denied unmarried couples to cross borders to meet each other. While the governments have tried to curb the virus by locking down borders, several couples have been forced to find out if long distance works or not for them.   

According to the restrictions imposed in March, only couples who were married, in registered partnerships or who had children together were allowed to travel to see each other. However, a fortnight ago, European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, and Germany lifted the travel restrictions that were applied to unmarried couples.

Denmark has become a recent country to allow lovers to reunite as they have eased the border restrictions with the Nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and associated territories such as Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Aland Islands) and Germany.   

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If the residents of the Nordic nations and Germany have a partner, a summer house, any type or relative, or a lover in Denmark, they can cross over and enter the country now. In the case of unmarried couples, the rule comes with a condition. The couples are required to prove they have been in the relationship for at least six months. Also, the couples, whose relationship has been purely based on phone calls or emails, are not eligible for the latest rule.   

Earlier, the Danish police had asked couples to prove their relationship by submitting private photos, text messages, or personal information about their partner in order to enter Denmark to meet their partner. However, that announcement was majorly criticised knowing how intimate these details are. The country later declared that the existence of the relationship would be enough to determine the eligibility of the person’s entry.   

As of now, the final judgment regarding a person’s entry into Denmark to meet his/her’s lover depends on the individual officer, who would be dealing with the application and the entry will not always be guaranteed, according to news reports. 

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Denmark was among the first countries to enforce a lockdown in March and that paid off as the situation is pretty much under control in that part of the world at present. Last month, Denmark became the first European country to reopen schools and smaller businesses.